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veganListen up vegans. We have nothing against your people. We want to like you, and we respect your commitment to making rubbery substances taste vaguely of meat. But some of your cronies are making us feel bad for enjoying the succulent flavor of grain-fed, humanely raised animal flesh.

It’s ok if you think meat is murder, or if you never saw The Lion King and therefore have no understanding of the circle of life. Just don’t interrupt our peaceful lunch with your unsolicited moral lunacy. We don’t barge in on your seitan dinners reciting stories from the slaughterhouse, and we expect the same kind of consideration in return.

If you happen to be Overly Self Righteous Vegan, consider yourself warned. Because the next time you open your organic trapdoor, there’s gonna be blood, and PETA won’t be there to hear you scream.


Retirado do melhor site que me mostraram essa semana!


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